Conversation Pieces Workshop Sessions

12th and 13th December 2016, run by Paulina Yurman at Goldsmiths College

I am a PhD researcher from the Design Department at Goldsmiths College, University of London. Conversation Pieces are design led sessions where I present experimental objects and design proposals that explore the tensions brought by the smartphone in family life, using them to create narratives and discussions around this complex theme. The proposals, some of which are strange and provocative, aim to explore the complex ambivalent behaviours towards the smartphone as it is alternatively used as a form of childcare, as a tool or as a plaything. Meaning different things to different people in a family, it can almost become a sort of family member, a kind of virtual pet or transitional object where rules are created and broken at different times, and where fascination at how able children are with it, together with the desire to limit its use create complex, tangled and ambivalent behaviours. I am using my proposals to explore this space and to help participants engage and describe the role of the smartphone in family life.

“ yeah, it’s personal and public to the children, the phone… to them the phone is an extension of you….” 

“the phone is more like, the mother is trying to maintain and wrestle back, its like wrestling most, you know you are trying to keep back a bit of yourself through the phone, and what it represents to you, and the child develops a relationship with it that is not necessarily what you think it is” 

“my feeling is I wouldn’t want the phone anywhere near a small child, that’s my view…”

 Quotes from the Conversation Pieces workshop sessions

The sessions are funded by the EPSRC Balance Network. 

More of my work can be seen here.

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“its quite grumpy”